Monday 13 March 2023

Granny's Choice Super Easy knit dishcloth

The older I become, the more I genuinely realize that the simple things in life truly are the best things in life.  There was a time, not all that long ago, where I would hesitate to post one of my patterns or methods of creating / doing something for fear that it was TOO simple and I would question the need to share.  I have a plan-jane red mitten pattern I have been holding onto since beginning this blog for that very reason!

But I created this blog in order to express my own personal creativity.  Perhaps it IS a little on the simplistic side (or perhaps, dear reader, you disagree - that would be very kind of you!) but I love most of my creations and my family usually finds them useful.  

So this year I am going to try and post the patterns and ideas that I love, even if they are super simple and reminiscent of yesteryears.  Hopefully some of you find my patterns or methods useful and straightforward. 

That brings me to todays pattern.  Most knitters have likely seen some version of this pattern or another at some point.  It seems to be one of those ideas that have existed for a long time in the knitting world.  The Granny's Choice dishcloth.  I remember my grandmother, my mother and many of my aunts using them in their kitchens when I was a child.  There was even a pretty little one waiting to be used in the kitchen sink of the cottage we rented for our summer holiday last year.   These dishcloths go by many names:  Granny's Choice, Granny's Favourite, Super Simple dishcloth, . . . I'm sure I have missed many other names. 

It is a simple, diagonal knit cloth that uses basic stitches and creates a lovely, useful cloth that holds up very well under daily use.  This time around I made them using Bernat Handicrafter cotton and I tried one using Red Heart Scrubby yarn.  The texture of the scrubby yarn cloth feels like it will make handwashing those stuck on spots much easier!

Here is my version of the Granny's Choice, Super Simple Knit Dishcloth

Granny's Choice Dishcloth Pattern

skill level:

approx. 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch

needles & notions
5mm knitting needles
tapestry needle

Bernat Handicrafter, approx. 70 yards
(pictured in: Fleur de Lavande, Lavender, Pale Yellow, Robin's Egg)

XX sts x XX rows = approx.  4 inch in st st


cast on 2 sts

Row 1:  KFB all stitches (4sts)

Row 2:  Knit across (4sts)

Row 3:  K2.  KFB next st., knit to end (5sts)

Row 4:  K2.  YO.  Knit to the end.

Repeat row 4 until 52 sts in needles (or until cloth is desired size)


Row 1:  K1.  K2tog.  YO.  K2tog.  Knit to end of row.

repeat previous row until 5 sts remain on needles

Next Row:  K1.  K2tog.  knit to end of row (4 sts)

Next:  K2tog twice (2sts)

Cut yarn, leaving a tail for sewing.  Draw yarn through live stitches still on needles.  Pull up.  Secure and weave in ends

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If you use this pattern for sale items please provide a link back and give credit.  It's the nice, morally responsible thing to do! DO NOT claim this pattern as your own. Why not try writing one of your own? You can do it! I know you can!!  

All photos copyright Jocelyn Windover and Red Mitten Designs (do not use without permission).  

Once again, thank you for choosing a Red Mitten Designs pattern!  Enjoy!!

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